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Soon! A Vaccine Against Hypertension Will See The Lights
vaccine hypertension see lights

         Soon! A Vaccine Against Hypertension Will See The Lights

Saturday,September 3,2016

Hypertension is a cardiovascular disorder affecting over 10 million people in France. It is characterized by abnormally high blood pressure on the artery walls and poses risks to the heart, kidneys or eyes.

To treat it, we must now take medicine every day. In addition to a change of lifestyle, there are antihypertensive agents: beta blockers, diuretics, inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme … A doctor may prescribe a combination of drugs .

In the future, high blood pressure, a disease that affects one in three adults could be controlled with a vaccine. At least in animals, according to a study published in “Hypertension” in which it is shown that the vaccine is administered to a group of mice and control the disease for six months without drugs.

Although mice, experts predict that the compound, which aims at the same target of many drugs for hypertension, angiotensin II, can be a human reality in the medium term and to replace treatments that require taking a pill every day. “With the vaccine that would prevent one of the biggest problems in the treatment of hypertension, such as adherence to treatment,”

The Japanese Researchers create a DNA vaccine that targets angiotensin II,which is a hormone that increases blood pressure by causing the blood vessels to narrow. This narrowing increases blood pressure and causes your heart to work harder.

The oral medication is safe and effective, but people often give up when they do not feel sick. Yet hypertension, which affects five million people in France, can cause no warning signs of stroke, heart attack or kidney problems.

The new vaccine CYT006-AngQb for short, neutralizes angiotensin II, a peptide that is a factor vasoconstriction, thus elevating blood pressure. Swiss researchers have tested the vaccine on a small sample of 72 people (all with mild to moderate hypertension) in three groups: the first received 300 micrograms (mcg) of the vaccine, and the second 100 mcg the last placebo.

After 14 weeks, the blood pressure of subjects who received the highest dose had decreased, especially early in the morning, when the effect of the pills taken the day before had faded. “The heart attack and other serious heart attacks are more frequent at this time of day,”

we need to clear and explain some points “It is still unclear whether long-term, the vaccine will have side effects, adding that doctors follow these trials with great interest. It will take at least five years before the new vaccine is approved.

No side effects

In their study, they had vaccinated against influenza three times the animals for a period of two weeks and found it not only lowers blood pressure for 6 months, but also reduces the damage to the blood vessels of the heart associated with the disease. The work revealed no damage to other organs like the liver or the kidney.

How does it work? Explained in the study published in “Hypertension” that the vaccine works in a similar manner as do blood pressure medication: helping blood vessels to relax and become more broad .And, unlike other vaccines which have been tested, such as peptides, this time there was toxic side effects. Solutions like this as plantar management also have common sense to reduce hypertension, in order to reduce.

Although research is still a fault, researchers consider essential to have a vaccine to treat this “silent epidemic” affecting in particular countries in Africa and Asia, where medicines are too expensive.

It is estimated that there are about 17 million people with hypertension, including 67.8% (10.5 million) have uncontrolled disease, although it can be prevented and treated in France, because it depends heavily on the lifestyle and compliance with prescribed treatment.

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